With our knowledge and expertise we can help you solve your pool problems. If you need a new liner, have a leak, or have an algae problem we can help you. We service pools and spas year round. If you are tired of trying to keep your pool clean we do weekly maintenance.

We offer the BioGuard line of pool chemicals so that your pool looks great all the time. During the summer we recommend that you test your water every two to three weeks. If you come into the store we will do a free water analysis when you purchase your chemicals from us.

There are three ways to sanitize your swimming pool: chlorine shock, salt, and non-chlorine biguanide treatment system. All three treatments work effectively when the pool water is balanced properly. Balancing your pool water requires maintaining the alkalinity, calcium, and pH levels being within the correct range.

If you already have a pool and need a new pump or filter or want to add a salt chlorination system on to your pool, we can help you with that. For information and pricing please give us a call!

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